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We all need to read encouragement quotes from time to time. As strong as we are, there are always circumstances in which everything seems to be dark and with almost no way out. It is then when it becomes necessary to find those words that give us back faith and hope in life.

The quotes of encouragement are like a nutrient for that strength that we carry within, but that sometimes goes numb. It is normal. We are not machines and in the face of adversity we cannot react like robots. We need time to absorb the bad times, to relocate and then continue.

It is precisely in those hard moments when the quotes of encouragement make more sense. They help us get back on track and regain confidence in what we are capable of doing. Here are 7 of those Motivational Cheer quotes, so that you have them on hand and consult them if you feel that hope is fading.

1. Quotes of encouragement to remember that nothing is impossible

This is one of the most beautiful quotes of encouragement written by Nelson Mandela. He says, “Everything seems impossible until it’s done.” It is a simple statement that contains a whole universe of meaning. Especially since it was said by whoever said it.

Nelson Mandela is a perfect example that nothing is impossible. He spent 30 years of life in prison and when he got out of it, he did it to change the reality of his country. Something that for many was impossible, he made it a reality.

2. Our own strength

We all have enormous inner strength. However, not everyone is aware of this. Perhaps because they have not found that strength, because they do not allow themselves to realize that they have it or because they are going through a difficult time that allows us to see that they are much more capable than they think.

This is what Benjamin Johnson implies in one of the encouraging quotes he wrote. He says like this: “He who has not faced adversity does not know his own strength.”

3. Be happy all the time

Sometimes we tend to think that happiness is somewhere and that when we get there we will experience it. That place can be material success, wonderful love, or just a change of circumstances. However, seeing things like this is wrong.

Jim Rohn says the following: “Learn to be happy with what you have while pursuing everything you want.” It means that the purpose of being happy should not be postponed. It is a feeling that comes from within and that does not depend on what we achieve or fail to achieve.

4. Affection is worth gold

Many times what gives us back hope and the desire to get ahead is the affection of other people. In difficult moments that affection takes on great value. It is equivalent to a balm that allows us to take a second wind and get ahead.

This truth is embodied in a phrase by Albert Schweitzer who states: “Sometimes our light goes out, but it lights up again in an instantaneous flame due to the encounter with another human being”. Sometimes a hug or a loving word brings light and clarity back.

5. Follow, always follow

One of the oldest encouraging quotes was said by Confucius and he says: “It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop.” This is a strong statement, which contains an enormous truth. The only possible slogan should be to follow in spite of everything.

If we think about it carefully, nothing we come up with quickly is really solid. The most valuable and true in life is built step by step. Sometimes against the circumstances. That is when we should not faint, but stay in the process.

6. There is always something to do

Thomas Alva Edison tells us: “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you have not.” Edison is precisely one of the best examples of perseverance. Thousands of times he did the same experiment, until it worked.

Edison’s is one of those encouraging quotes that invites you to seek new paths when it seems that there are no longer any. It also calls to create, to always imagine new possible solutions, no matter how difficult things may seem.

7. Thought is everything

Thought is one of the decisive aspects of life. Everything else almost always depends on what is in our mind. Reality is first built in the mind and it is from there that it becomes concrete.

In this regard, James Allen points out: “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts will take you ”. You are absolutely right. According to what is in our mind, this will be the reality that we will build.

All of these encouragement quotes are a powerful weapon when we are going through difficult circumstances. Its power is in helping us remember that being happy is possible. That what we dream of can be achieved. That it is worth moving on.