A new interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests that reality does not depend on the person measuring it
Jukka Liukkonen (still left) and Jussi Lindgren (right) explain Heisenberg’s uncertainty basic principle. Credit: Aalto University.

Quantum mechanics arose in the 1920s, and due to the fact then researchers have disagreed on how very best to interpret it. Quite a few interpretations, together with the Copenhagen interpretation introduced by Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg, and in individual, von Neumann-Wigner interpretation, state that the consciousness of the human being conducting the examination impacts its final result. On the other hand, Karl Popper and Albert Einstein believed that an aim reality exists. Erwin Schrödinger put ahead the popular assumed experiment involving the fate of an unfortunate cat that aimed to explain the imperfections of quantum mechanics.

In their most modern posting, Finnish civil servants Jussi Lindgren and Jukka Liukkonen, who analyze quantum mechanics in their free time, just take a seem at the uncertainty basic principle that was developed by Heisenberg in 1927. In accordance to the standard interpretation of the principle, place and momentum can’t be identified at the same time to an arbitrary degree of precision, as the man or woman conducting the measurement constantly has an effect on the values.

On the other hand, in their examine Lindgren and Liukkonen concluded that the correlation between a place and momentum, i.e., their romance, is mounted. In other terms, fact is an item that does not count on the individual measuring it. Lindgren and Liukkonen used stochastic dynamic optimization in their study. In their theory’s body of reference, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is a manifestation of thermodynamic equilibrium, in which correlations of random variables do not vanish.

“The effects suggest that there is no sensible explanation for the effects to be dependent on the person conducting the measurement. In accordance to our analyze, there is nothing at all that implies that the consciousness of the particular person would disturb the results or develop a selected result or truth,” says Jussi Lindgren.

This interpretation supports such interpretations of quantum mechanics that guidance classical scientific principles.

“The interpretation is goal and real looking, and at the same time as basic as attainable. We like clarity and choose to eliminate all mysticism,” says Liukkonen.

The scientists released their very last posting in December 2019, which also utilized mathematical investigation as a software to explain quantum mechanics. The approach they used was stochastic optimal control concept, which has been made use of to solve these problems as how to mail a rocket from the Earth to the Moon.

Subsequent Occam’s razor, the regulation of parsimony named immediately after William of Ockham, the researchers have now selected the most straightforward explanation from people that in shape.

“We analyze quantum mechanics as a statistical principle. The mathematical resource is very clear, but some could imagine it is a tedious just one. But is an rationalization seriously an explanation, if it can be a obscure one?” asks Lindgren.

Physics is a terrific interest for a civil servant

In addition to the review of quantum mechanics, Lindgren and Liukkonen have quite a few other items in widespread: they were being both equally members of the similar maths club at Kuopio Lyceum Substantial College, they both equally have accomplished put up-graduate investigate, and each have occupations ascivil servants. Liukkonen has previously finished his Ph.D. dissertation on endoscopic ultrasound on joints and now will work as an inspector at Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority.

Rewriting quantum mechanics in their spare time

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Jussi Lindgren et al. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Theory as an Endogenous Equilibrium House of Stochastic Best Handle Units in Quantum Mechanics, Symmetry (2020). DOI: 10.3390/sym12091533
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