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ByLavinia E. Smith

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Colorado drivers can now take the written learner’s permit test online from the comfort of their own homes, the Department of Revenue announced on Tuesday.

The new service allows Coloradans to avoid taking the test at a DMV office or a private driving school, offering the test online with no appointment needed. While the test is free at the DMV, the online versions cost $6.50 for the first attempt and $17.65 for all subsequent attempts.

This new permit system comes after the Colorado DMV has recently begun outsourcing some of its driver’s license services. The DMV no longer provides its free behind-the-wheel test, forcing Coloradans to spend up to hundreds of dollars to take the test at private driving schools.

Some Coloradans reported spending between $100 and $300 to get their driver’s license after paying the DMV fees and the testing costs, in addition to spending weeks or months trying to navigate the complicated system. 

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DMV officials said they were forced to stop providing the behind-the-wheel test due to budget cuts at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they have no plans of ever bringing the test back. Some state lawmakers are exploring options to legally require the DMV to offer the free road test again. 

The Colorado DMV said its new online permit system will help make the process of obtaining a driver’s license “much more convenient.” 

The DMV said it will continue to offer the free written permit test in-office in addition to the online service. After passing the online test, drivers will still have to schedule an appointment to go to the DMV to receive their learner’s permit.

The online permit test is available in English and Spanish and requires an internet-connected computer and a working webcam. The test features active cursor and video monitoring to prevent cheating.

Coloradans can register to take the permit test online at