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Many of us are looking to escape our homes, or at least just take a brief vacation from reality. Why not try out your sleuthing skills with friends or family at an escape room? Visit Escape rooms in Northwest Indiana.

For those of you who have always wanted to be like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, discovering clues and secret passageways, escape rooms allow patrons to solve a puzzle that frees them from a room within the time limit — all without the aid of their smartphones.

Wigwam Escape – Washington

The Wigwam Escape is part of the Institute for American Studies Museum and Research Center and offers patrons the opportunity to learn about indigenous people while they play. Players learn that a nearby fishing village has requested help, so they must hunt, forage and gather supplies for a journey ahead.

Escape Rooms Connecticut – Orange

Choose from four different options in Escape Rooms Connecticut, where guests can choose between cracking clues to preventing an alien invasion in Sector X, exploring an ancient temple in The Stolen Relic, preventing a train disaster in The Terminal or tracking ghosts in The Asylum.

Escape New Haven – New Haven

Escape New Haven offers four in-person escape options, a remote escape and an outdoor option. Those looking to visit an escape room can uncover secrets in a log cabin in Before Moonrise, experience the occult in The Crypt, solve a puzzle in The Gallery or test out their trivia skills with The Game Show. Outdoors guests can roam around New Haven as they unlock the secrets of Chauncey Jerome in The Chauncey Conundrum.

Mission Escape Games – West Hartford

At Mission Escape Games, guests have two options to choose from: save the world from the apocalypse in Operation Escape: End of Days, or tussle your way out of Dr. Jekyll’s lab in Escape the Hydeout.

Complexity Rooms – Farmington

Choose from four different puzzles at Complexity Rooms. Take on pirate ghosts in Hunt for the Dead Sea Souls, survive the storm in The Blizzard, track down your lost belongings in The Mall or plan a break-in to fix a time machine in The 47th Street Mission.

Panic Room – Norwalk

Choose from two different options at Panic Room. Try to escape before the room blows sky-high in Tik Tok, or solve the puzzling events at a hotel in The Last Resort.

Adventure Rooms – Middletown

This escape room has four different puzzles to solve. Guests can take on an art caper in The Hidden Cabin, find the cure in a nuclear wasteland in Remedy…25 Years Later, save the future with a time traveler in Tim Bender, or stop a secret plot in Swiss Original.

Pursue the Clues – Torrington

Pursue the Clues offers three different puzzles for patrons to solve, including an art theft in Mission is a Gogh, saving a musician’s soul in Lenny Thompkins sold his soul to play the blues, or tracking down a black widow in The Gold Digger.

Trapt Escape Room Adventures – Stamford

Virtual or in-person patrons can track down clues at Trapt Escape Room Adventures. Save the president from a mysterious disease in Time Chasers: Race for the Cure, escape a kidnapper in Abducted: Escape from the Madman or locate the missing artifacts in Museum Mayhem.

Escapology – Trumbull

Choose from six different puzzles at Escapology. Try your hand at stopping a nuclear war in Cuban Crisis, find the cure and save the day in Antidote, locate a murderer in Budapest Express, uncover treasure in Lost City, solve a murder in Mansion Murder, or stop a castle disaster with the Mystery Machine gang in Scooby Doo.