Despite being so young, a 7-year-old student whose been going to virtual school for the past year wrote a poem about the pandemic we can all relate to.

Everyone has struggled in some way since we started social distancing and most of our tasks moved online in March 2020.

Though we’ve talked about the struggles of parents suddenly thrown into working from home and taking care of their children full-time… we haven’t talked a lot about how the kids are doing.

But one 7-year-old wrote a poem this week about their experiences that all of us can identify with.

A babysitter took a picture and posted it to Twitter, the poem written in a little kid’s scrawling hand:

“Boring online school”

“Today is just another day”

“in a long line of days”

“staring at a dumb screen”

“Just booring boring”

“online school that’s the”

“only thing that did happen”

“it’s the only thing that is”

“happening that’s the only”

“thing that will happen”

All of Twitter was immediately alight with how relatable the poem was.

Not to mention how good some readers found it.

A t-shirt of the poem has already been created, featuring Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen.

All proceeds from the shirt go to the aspiring young writer.

Despite the fun, some also expressed concern about the student’s well-being and the current state of the education system.

For those who were worried, the babysitter assured the child was fine and we’ve all had our struggles during an almost-year-long pandemic.

“A lot of you seem very worried about him. I promise he’s healthy and very loved, and this is a rough time for everyone.”

Also, we might have a future writer on our hands.

The babysitter explained:

“It’s an assignment for class he wrote and read out loud to be snarky.”

“He has a breadth of hobbies and interests and is a brilliant, deliberate, and prolific writer.”

Creative writing is such a great vessel for getting our feelings out, and it’s clear this student had a lot to say about the past year.

Inevitably, all of our students are feeling as rough as we are, being almost a year into this “new” way of living.

Many people identified with and loved Amanda Gorman’s poem, “The Hill We Climb,” at the Inauguration, and now the folks on Twitter are loving this poem about the state of the pandemic. It just goes to show that poetry can be accessible to everyone, big with feeling, and good.