Planning A Christmas Party in 2021: Top Tips | Hire Space

The emergence of the new variant, after Delta, has caused an alarming situation worldwide. The spread of Omricon is reaching a rise in more remote work options and hybrid work schedules. This also means that organizations have to prepare for a potential culture crisis. 

In such a situation, instead of making the Christmas party disappear, it is better to evolve with the preparation. 

Having an inclusive approach towards office parties is the key to having a successful get-together. Christmas party should be fun and flexible which can only happen with some significant changes. 

Following are some of the tips to keep in mind while arranging a flexible office party. 

Include Everyone

Planning a celebration that suits the situation of everyone in your team has always been a tricky task. Even before the pandemic debut, having an event in an office was ever easy. Now with Covid times again in sight and everyone’s own opinion on the current work situation, it will be ten times harder to celebrate an event that is flexible for all. 

The easier way to hear everyone, show that their opinions matter, and to have more suggestions is by creating surveys. Surveys are still one of the best ways to encourage employees in showing more interest. Instead of putting single employees on spot in the meeting, it is better to let them voice their opinions through an anonymous survey. 

With this approach, you can read the room and focus on what the market wants. Surveys can cover people’s suggestions on the menu, food, and a lot more. 

The role of Personal Choice

The personal choice should be respected when it comes to celebrating this year. The last 18 months have been extremely challenging for almost everyone, while you might be struggling with performing your best in remote work settings, your team members may be suffering from the loss of loved ones or financial strains. 

Keeping this in mind, not everyone is willing to celebrate a Christmas party big time. Therefore, if you are about to arrange an office-based Christmas party you should keep other people’s preferences in mind. You can also come up with a mix of in-person and virtual events so that nobody misses the celebrations. 

Keep it Hybrid

Arranging a chocolate-making workshop as a Christmas celebration is a good idea but you have to keep the logistics in mind.

Virtual parties are fun until people start getting bored of all the online activities. In addition, not everyone is going to be part of the in-person celebrations. 

It is because of all this to create hybrid work parties so that you can unite your team. For a hybrid activity, you have to look at the infrastructure in place. This includes having a high-speed and stable internet connection disposal. You can try recommending your team members stable internet service such as from Windstream Kinetic

The Theme

Last but not least imagine a theme for your hybrid work part. You can either go home and be comfortable with your theme or make it extravagant. However, no matter what the theme is you should always aim for something fun.