10 tips to crack your board exams like a topper! - Education Today News

The task of preparing for the board exams is often described as difficult. An exam result shows how well a student is doing academically and represents his/her aptitude. The stress associated with exams can be reduced with a thorough preparation. Thus, in this article, we have attempted to show tips and tricks on what to avoid while preparing for the board exams. 

When preparing for exams, students often lack a clear understanding of what works. Students of the Maharashtra Board, especially those in Classes 10 and 12, are unanimous in choosing Maharashtra State Board books as a mandatory tool during preparation for exams, such as the national examinations.

Misconceptions about Studying for Board Exams 

Find here below some misconceptions while preparing for the board exams. 

  • Students often believe that being proficient in a subject is because of inborn talent or natural skill rather than hard work. This is a misconception, it is possible for the students to score well in a subject if they are well-prepared for it. 
  • Another misconception that needs to be burst is that most students believe that learning is a quick process. Studying and refreshing the topic so that main concepts remain in the mind of a student requires a lot of time. 
  • Some students think that multitasking is easy and can be done along with the studies. However, not everyone can do more than one thing at the same time, effectively. 
  • Using study time to implement passive learning strategies. 
  • Not testing oneself on their exam preparation level and their performance. 

Tips to Study Most Effectively 

  • Students should not leave it all on the teacher or instructor to prepare them for the board exams. 
  • Students should study well ahead of time, so that they can revise once or twice before the exams. 
  • Preparing subjects and topics that they are thorough in will only help them to waste time, so to be more effective they should focus on weaker subjects more.
  • Start with high weightage topics and study them effectively. 
  • Students are also advised to take part in mock tests and solve question papers as a way to test themselves or gauge their own performance level or exam preparation. 

Apart from preparing for the exams by following these strategies and implementing the exam preparation methods and tools as suggested, students, especially of Classes 12 also focus on textbooks to prepare for the board exams. For example, the most crucial resource for a Class 12 student of Maharashtra Board who is preparing for the board exams is the Maharashtra State Board 12th Books PDF free download, as it helps them to tackle the exams in a stress-free manner. 

Finally, students who are preparing for exams should stay healthy by getting enough sleep and taking the required nutrition. Taking proper breaks between exam preparations is also highly recommended, so that students can come back to their studies with a fresh perspective, ready to tackle whatever difficulties may arise during exam preparations. 

Therefore, we can conclude that the most important aspects of a topper are to avoid unnecessary misconceptions about studies, to follow tips, and to be organised and consistent with their studies. The key to any kind of success is discipline; hard work makes the dream come true.