New entrepreneurs often spend way too much time getting ready. They feel they’re not good, enough, they don’t know enough, someone will ask questions they don’t know how to answer. They cannot move past the beginning stages of learning. They remain in student mode and never graduate to entrepreneur.

Don’t allow yourself to wallow in the first stage of being a leader. If you have made the decision to build your own online business then stick to your decision. Move on as quickly as possible and start attracting people to you. Until you do move past the getting ready stage your results will be dismal. I’m letting you know this so you will get moving forward.

Fear and insecurities will cause you to freeze and if you freeze you are not moving forward. Step into your developing leadership role with passions and purpose.

There are a vast number of people looking for someone like you to connect with and show them how to do many of the things you have already learned. Things that you may not realize are worth teaching and talking about because there are many others who know less than you.

They’re looking for YOU. You have the skills and life experiences that will resonate with others. Your story is unique and it is your story that others will find interesting. Weave your interests into your business products. What sports do you enjoy: indoors or outdoors? Is there a particular health product that gives you the boost you need to keep going? Do you like to travel? Can you tell an exciting travel story? What generation do you identify with: the baby boomers, empty nesters, the younger crowd, the older crowd?

Remember you don’t need to attract everyone and you won’t appeal to everyone and not everyone will appeal to you. You need to show your value and authenticity and the people who find you will be like minded people. They will be the ones you enjoy working with.

Many of my life lessons have come from playing the game of golf. Like most golfers I used to worry about what people would think when I messed up or did something stupid. I thought that everyone was watching me. What I discovered, it truly took me awhile to figure it out, was that no one else cared! They were all too busy thinking about their own games and their own score.

The same goes for stepping out and developing leadership. Yes, you’ll make mistakes, but the only person who will really care is you. So shake off the ‘forever’ student role and be the leader you were born to be.

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