I still thought in God (I am now an atheist) when I heard the pursuing issue at a seminar, to start with posed by Einstein, and was surprised by its class and depth: “If there is a God who produced the full universe and ALL of its rules of physics, does God adhere to God’s very own guidelines? Or can God supersede his very own rules, such as travelling more quickly than the speed of mild and so staying ready to be in two various spots at the same time?” Could the remedy support us verify whether or not or not God exists or is this exactly where scientific empiricism and religious religion intersect, with NO true answer? David Frost, 67, Los Angeles.

I was in lockdown when I gained this problem and was instantaneously intrigued. It can be no marvel about the timing – tragic events, this sort of as pandemics, frequently induce us to issue the existence of God: if there is a merciful God, why is a disaster like this going on? The plan that God could be “certain” by the rules of physics – which also govern chemistry and biology and as a result the restrictions of clinical science – was an appealing 1 to check out.

If God was not ready to break the regulations of physics, she arguably wouldn’t be as highly effective as you would expect a supreme being to be. But if she could, why haven’t we observed any proof of the rules of physics ever currently being damaged in the Universe?

To deal with the concern, let’s split it down a bit. Initial, can God vacation quicker than light? Let us just get the concern at encounter value. Light-weight travels at an approximate pace of 3 x 10 to the electricity of 5 kilometres each individual next, or 186,000 miles per next (299,500km/s). We study at university that very little can travel a lot quicker than the velocity of light-weight – not even the USS Enterprise in Star Trek when its dilithium crystals are established to max.

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But is it accurate? A couple many years in the past, a group of physicists posited that particles named tachyons travelled previously mentioned mild speed. Thankfully, their existence as true particles is considered highly not likely. If they did exist, they would have an imaginary mass and the cloth of area and time would grow to be distorted – leading to violations of causality (and maybe a headache for God).

It appears to be, so far, that no object has been noticed that can journey quicker than the velocity of gentle. This in alone does not say something at all about God. It just reinforces the understanding that light-weight travels quite quickly without a doubt.