Conquer Your Campus is an eBook written by Mark Redman. It teaches college guys how to become very popular, build up a huge social circle in college, and by extension, to hook up with as many hot girls as you can handle while in college.

In a nutshell, you learn the following things:

1. Cold approach game does not work in college.

2. That A LOT of hype peddled by the PUA gurus are actually hurting your success with women.

3. You learn how being a chill, social guy translates into getting laid. (As opposed to being a scripted PUA weirdo…)

4. The different mindsets of college girls, and how approach the different types of girls.

5. How to climb to the very top of the social ladder, and enjoy popularity and high status.

Conquer Your Campus isn’t another Mystery Method rehash, it brought some truly innovative information to the table, and for this reason, I think that it is a must read. This does not necessarily mean I agree with everything Mark Redman says.

Here are some points I disagree with:

Conquer Your Campus a perfect excuse for newbies to never approach. This is very bad. Cold approach has it’s place, and you need the reference experience of many approaches in order to change your self image into a true alpha male, therefore it should not be neglected — just keep it separate from your college life.

He convinces you that you are a complete creep because you are part of the Seduction Community. A lot have people have made such accusations but something about Mark’s argument hits home, and you have to be careful, because you might brainwash yourself into believing you are a creep, and it will come through in your interactions.

You don’t need to go through the elaborate social domination strategy he talks about in his book to get laid. While it would not hurt to be the ultra popular life of the party guy, that’s not necessary, and there’s lots of ways to avoid going through all that trouble.

Conquer Your Campus gets two thumbs up, but you can also get plenty information on how to improve your social circle in college for free on my blog. Check it out now!

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