Dire wolves ended up the last of an historic New Environment canid lineage

  • A.R.P., K.J.M., A.M., R.K.W., G.L., L.A.F.F. and A. Cooper conceived the challenge and designed the research A.R.P. and K.J.M. coordinated the sample selection attempts with enter from R.K.W., G.L., L.A.F.F. and A. Cooper A.R.P., K.J.M., A.H.-B., J.M., C.A., J.C.C., A.E., P.G., J.K., A.L., A.T.O., S.P., B.W.S., M.T., M.J.C., M.-H.S.S., M.T.P.G., A.C.S., B.S., B.V.V., R.W.K. and A. Cooper provided and/or gathered samples A.R.P., K.J.M., R.K.W., A.M., C.S., J.H., A.J., A.T.S., P.B. and H.H. done the genomic laboratory work K.J.M., A.M., G.G., G.L., L.A.F.F. and A. Cooper carried out the analyses of the genomic facts S.A.-C., A.H.-B., J.M., C.A., K.M.H., and A.E. conducted the morphological analyses A.R.P., K.J.M., A.M., S.A.-C., B.V.V., K.M.H., R.K.W., G.L., L.A.F.F. and A. Cooper wrote the paper with enter from all other authors.