With the improvement in World Wide Web, distance learning courses are becoming very vital for the growth of both individuals and society. Distance learning programs are bringing people from different sections of society together. These Programs help in removing the divide of class, caste, color and gender. A usual class comprises of students from U.S, Russia, Africa and China creating a kind of global college.

Social Impact

An educated society is aware society where there is no discrimination of any kind. Education is also directly related to prosperity. Therefore, if the whole society is educated then economic divide between people will be less creating a peaceful society. These online courses are educating people of under-developed countries where infrastructure is not present. These are also helpful for those students who cannot attend regularly due to medical reasons.

Distance learning college is different from a traditional college as educators cannot have direct contact with students. The students should be well acquainted with tools like video conferencing, messenger etc. to be in constant touch with teachers. This kind of education is designed keeping in mind what student needs. That is why no two courses are similar. Hence choose program that suits you most before enrolling.

Enrollment of students in these courses for grade school is also increasing rapidly. This has drawn some criticism from traditionalists who do not buy the idea of education from a remote place. Still, all the major schools and colleges have opened their online learning departments to reach out for students from all over the world.There are much software that help in organizing tests and exams impartially. Thus distance learning courses are helping people realize their true potential and achieving their goal.

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