Are you looking for a really strong server to support your resource-intensive website or web application? Are you thinking of settling for the traditional CPU-powered Dedicated Server? Think again. 

When you buy Hosting Services for a heavy website or application, you need to be ten times more careful and thoughtful. While traditional Dedicated Server Hosting is a decent choice and will get your work done, there is something better available in the market for your needs.

GPU-powered Dedicated Servers!

In this blog, we talk about all things Dedicated GPU Servers. Let’s learn about this advancement in the field of Web Hosting and get efficient results on hosting heavy websites.

GPU Dedicated Servers

GPU is short for Graphic Processing Unit. As the name suggests, these servers are capable of handling websites and applications that are graphic-heavy. Since the servers are powered by thousands of cores, the data processing is carried out very swiftly, resulting in high reliability, speed, and efficiency. 

Dedicated GPU Servers are supported by high-performing graphics processing units, leading to the provision of optimal computational strength to carry the workload, heavy data, and multiple commands simultaneously. With the growing usage of graphics and media on websites and applications, GPU servers are growing popular as well.

Benefits of A Dedicated GPU Server

  • Performance and Reliability

GPU has about 1,000 to 10,000 cores. Obviously, every GPU is different from another, but they provide thousands of cores to process data. Cores refer to the brain of the processing unit, be it CPU or GPU. They enable the data processing with the help of microscopic transistors. 

This entire process becomes simplified and quick, tenfold, once GPU is involved, thanks to the thousand cores. This increases the speed of the website or application and, consequently, the reliability.

  • Less Power Consumption

The speed and performance mentioned above help reduce the power consumption. Since the cores and processing units are multi-tasking (we will elaborate on this later) larger workload is processed and completed in less time. 

This saves time, but above all, it saves energy (and as a result, it also saves your money). Hence, GPU Dedicated Servers are also called environment friendly.

  • Highly Scalable

GPU cards offer unlimited scalability. You can utilize one GPU card for multiple dedicated servers. 

This is one of the biggest reasons why it is said that GPU will give you the best-dedicated server hosting experience. 

  • Software Compatability

GOU Dedicated Server is compatible with numerous software and tools. ALmost all the software, hardware, security measures, and technical tools can be integrated with GPU Dedicated Servers. 

  • Simultaneous Task Management

As mentioned above, GPU has multi-tasking capabilities. What this refers to is that GPUs and their cores can handle concurrent and simultaneous tasks at the same time. This is possible because of all the thousand cores present in the hardware machine. 

Use Cases For GPU Dedicated Server

These are the types of websites and web applications that prefer using GPU Dedicated Servers above any other type!

  1. Gaming Applications
  2. Video Streaming Platforms
  3. Company Websites with Huge Databases
  4. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Applications
  5. 3D Animations
  6. Deep Learning
  7. New AI and AI Training
  8. Data Analysis
  9. Scientific Computing

Ending Note

With the growth in technology, we find satisfying solutions to better our work and websites. GPU Servers are a perfect example of the same. These servers display great potential and are capable of carrying out difficult tasks with ease and adeptness. 

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