Lunchtime Fine Dining in Sussex - The Lamb at Angmering

The difference between eating in an ordinary cafe and a fancy restaurant is not only seen in terms of price, but also you will see a variety of different lifestyles. So, before having  dinner at a fancy restaurant, try to learn the following. 

Dress neatly

What is a fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant, make sure you can’t prepare it impromptu, right? Because beforehand you definitely have to prepare a  budget first. Well, besides  budget , you also have to prepare neat clothes. For men, at least try to wear a shirt and loafers. For women, wearing a  dress and  heels is highly recommended. There, you won’t meet a horde of young people, but various exmuds, aka  young executives. Make your dream dinner here in Desire hotel Riviera Maya.

Avoid  cellphones , keys and wallets from the table

Generally, various restaurants have provided bag hangers under the table. So, make good use of these facilities. Put your wallet and  cellphone into the bag, don’t put it messy on the table. Because, if you are having dinner together with coworkers, they will perceive it as disrespected. Make sure that while you’re there, you really focus on that person. Especially if you are having dinner with work friends or someone important, this is an ethic that must be considered.

Don’t take too many pictures

Use the place according to its function. The reason is, the restaurant is indeed a place to enjoy dinner. Before you take pictures for your blog or Instagram needs and take selfies, try to have a look at your surroundings first. Make sure the people around you don’t feel disturbed because you are busy adjusting the  angle for photos.

Keep putting  napkin neatly

Napkins that have been used or are dirty are generally a sign that you have finished eating. But, that doesn’t mean you  just mess up the napkin  on the table and rely on the  waiter to clean it up. Keep up the ethics by placing the  napkin neatly on the table, no need to fold it, the important thing is to put it neatly.

Don’t cross over to try people’s food

Sharing food is not really recommended when having a fancy meal at a restaurant. However, if you really want to share your food, avoid spooning it from your friend’s plate. Ask him to scoop pieces of food onto your plate.

Raise your hand to call the  waiter

Try to get in the habit of getting rid of this habit while having dinner at a restaurant because it can disturb the other guests. Raise your hand to call the  waiter . Because, the atmosphere of eating in a luxury restaurant will certainly be very quiet, only accompanied by classical music from the restaurant.

Return your unripe food

In a fancy restaurant, you deserve the best of dining. If you receive a dish that is not perfectly cooked, don’t hesitate to return the food to the  waiter and ask to be replaced with a new one.

Pay attention to the placement of the spoons and forks after eating

Not only when eating, but, after eating you also have to maintain a  manner . Try to put your cutlery neatly. Various ethics in each country is different, some enforce the ethics of crossing a fork and spoon, placing them next to each other vertically, side by side on the side and various other styles. However, most importantly, make sure you place the fork and spoon neatly.

Avoid asking for additional seasonings, in some restaurants

In some restaurants, especially Italian restaurants, it is imperative to avoid asking for additional seasonings, such as salt or sauce because they are considered an insult to the  chef because the food is not good or unsatisfactory.