The forgiving student loan debt petition to stimulate the economy is an issue that recently has become a heated topic. Due to the horrible nature of our economy in the current recession, debt consolidation has become rare. Currently there is a student school loan debt forgiveness petition: Forgive.. Student Loans Debt petition, and at least two Facebook lenzs. (Sign on Facebook to join the Cancel School Student Debt to Stimulate the Economy group, the stimulate the Economy group, the forgive Student school Loans, and the Student school Loan Forgiveness Program  Facebook groups). Then call to contact your senators and representatives, to voice your opinion on the current petitions to Forgive Student Debt Loans.

The Forgive Student Loan Debt relief has over 193,000 members, wanting the government to spend $550-$600 billion necessary to completely cancel all college loans debt.

A 35 year old attorney from New York; named “Robert Applebaum” has become something of a spokesman for many people in the U.S. burdened with student loan debt. Robert Applebaum’s Facebook group and are among those who are seeking an overhaul of the U.S. student loan system. He has an idea on how to help many in his shoes – while stimulating the economy at the same time. He started up an online campaign last February to bailout those “hard-working, educated middle class” parried in school loan debt. He formed on Facebook the group “Cancel Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy” because Mr. Applebaum believes that it would help boost the economy from “the bottom up” by forgiving student educational loan debt for those making under $150,000 annually.  

Many believe that it is a very good idea to forgive student loan debt, and the government should consider this debt bailout idea with student educational loans very seriously.

However, there is also others who feel thankful enough that their state, federal loans and private loan providers had programs in position to offer them the school loans. To not repay them, and ask for consolidation bailout or a complete student loan debt forgiveness as a financial relief, is an insult to the hard working taxpayers.

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