Free Technology for Teachers: Double Rainbow Lessons!

ByLavinia E. Smith

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My daughters adore rainbows. They have rainbow dresses, rainbow bracelets, rainbow stickers, and anything at all else that can have a rainbow on it. So they were tremendous psyched previous 7 days when we observed a double rainbow from our front porch! (You can seem on my Instagram for improved shots of it than the 1 in this publish). Their exhilaration and afterwards thoughts about how rainbows are designed prompted this submit. If you have kids in your daily life who are curious about how rainbows are manufactured, the following two films are for you. 

How to Make a Rainbow is a SciShow Young ones video that I showcased when it was launched about six many years in the past. The movie presents instructions for a minimal exercise in which kids can make rainbows appear on white paper by correctly positioning a glass of water in front of ray of daylight. The online video then goes on to explain what makes rainbows look outside.

How Rainbows Variety is a Physics Lady online video that goes a little bit further than the principles that the SciShow Young children movie lined. How Rainbows Sort describes dispersion and refraction of light. The online video also clarifies what triggers the shades of the rainbow to surface in the buy we see them. At last, at the finish of the movie viewers master what causes the visual appeal of a double rainbow. out?v=xkDhQGXqwCM