Nina Steiner attends the Columbia County Fair with her new best friend Sam Lewis, whom she met while attending Grovetown High School as a foreign exchange student.

In a 12 months that’s been difficult for travel, foreign exchange scholar Nina Steiner, 17, built the vacation of a life time that could adjust her lifestyle endlessly.

Steiner, who attends faculty at Bertha-von-Suttner Gesamtschule in Germany, used the spring semester at Grovetown Higher University.

In the course of her time in the U.S., Steiner experienced the prospect to check out the Augusta place and show up at the Columbia County Truthful with her new very best mate, Sam Lewis, who also attends Grovetown. The pair also took a vacation to Tennessee.

Steiner has been trying American foodstuff and dining establishments which includes two of her new favorites – Bitter Patch Young ones and Taco Bell.

“We never have people in Germany,” she said with a chortle.

She also explained faculty composition is various from her university in Germany exactly where students just take 12 courses for every yr rather of seven, despite the fact that the program alternates throughout the 7 days so she does not show up at 12 lessons in 1 day. Each individual course is 67½ minutes long and students do not have the solution of electives. German schools, she said, also do not have sports but college students do enjoy in club athletics comparable to a parks and recreation league. While attending Grovetown, Steiner played on the soccer staff.