IIT is a brand in itself in India. In fact its group of 15 colleges all over India has earned them the title of ‘institutes of national importance’ by the Parliament. Getting admitted into such a college will be great for one’s career! On the other hand, an engineering university in UK gives you international exposure immediately. So which option to choose? Read on to find out!

IIT Engineering

IIT in India is pursued by lakhs of students every year out of which only few lucky ones make to the final list. One can gauge the value of this IIT degree from the amount of application forms sold every year by it! It is a matter of prestige to study from Indian Institute of Technology. But with every plus point IIT also projects certain negative or rather diminishing points which mar the career growth of a budding engineer. According to a study conducted by two professors from IIT Mumbai it was found that in 2006, 2.3 lakhs students graduated from IIT out of which only 20,00 went on to do their masters and only 1,000 did Ph.D.

The reason cited behind this lack of interest for IIT is the absence of innovation and support for new ideas.

Engineering from UK University

Engineering from a reputed university in UK like Southampton, Manchester, Nottingham Trent, Newcastle etc. give you a chance to enter into the international global environment. Most of the engineering universities are recognized by SARTOR [Standards and Routes to Registration] published by Engineering Council of UK. B.ENG and M.ENG from UK comprise of 3 years and 4 years respectively with good job placements guaranteed.

Along with this a student is entitled to various other perks in the form of exposure to great industry links, chance to dabble with innovative ideas and their development. In addition, you get an over round personality development!

In the end we can conclude that there is life outside IIT too. You can just hop onto the next flight and get enrolled into any engineering course in UK. Study in UK and engineer a great career for yourself!

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