How important is the independent school entrance exam for admission into private school? To be honest it is very important. Not only is it a requirement in most independent schools, it’s actually used to screen applicants. The ISEE and the SSAT are two tests that are widely used as school entrance exams. These private exams test your child’s comprehension and aptitude for language and math.

Generally the SSAT test has 2 different levels, a lower level and an upper level while the ISEE test has 3 levels a lower, a middle and an upper level. You may be aware how difficult it is to get your children into private school if they haven’t the competitive score that will increase their competitive index making private school admissions in their favor.

It is true that admissions to independent schools has gotten much more competitive due to the high amount of applicants. Only 1 out 5 students who applies is accepted meaning 80% of students get rejected and one major reason is the poor scores on the private school admissions test.

The remedy? Independent school entrance exam preparation! This means tutoring, but how many of us can actually afford to tutor our children? On the other hand, is tutoring for 2 hours really enough?

What if you could have the ability to tutor your child 24/7 a day using the ultimate preparation for entrance testing. A test prep system that was created by the best minds and educators together with the best ISEE and SSAT tutors, and the result was a superior program that would guarantee to increase private school admissions test scores, helping them ace the exams, making them more competitive applicants that schools love to have enrolled?

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