Lauren Boebert Disastrously Dabbles In ‘Physics’ On Netflix

ByLavinia E. Smith

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Rootin’ tootin Lauren Boebert’s apparently recovered from receiving Bible schooling for her Jesus-and-lockdowns tweet on Easter. That followed up upon the Shooter’s Grill owner’s triggered response after SNL parodied her Christmas-with-guns photo. The Rifle Republican’s bouncing back, though, and she’s back with a take on why Netflix lost subscribers for the first time in streaming history. And she’s off the mark.

The probable reasons for the decline are easy to pinpoint. The streaming service decided to hike prices again (and this is becoming a regular occurrence) in a time of inflation. This is happening while the streaming service has projected a crackdown and higher prices for those people who share passwords with family members who might not always reside under the same roof. Meanwhile, the entire 200,000-strong subscriber base of Russia has gone out the door. Still, Boebert is convinced that Netflix will fail because it’s not a far-right service and is too “woke.” And for some unknown reason, she’s bringing “physics” into the discussion.

“Netflix is projected to LOSE 2 million subscribers & CNN+ can’t even reach 200,000,” she tweeted. “The correlation between companies going woke & then broke is a new law of physics at this point.”

As one might expect, people are pouncing on Boebert for tweeting about another subject that she clearly hasn’t studied (again, no one is bashing GED earners, but Boebert hasn’t even brushed up on the U.S. constitution, and she’s a lawmaker). No one knows why she’s calling this a “law of physics,” and people are also pointing out how Netflix had a rather non-woke response to the Dave Chappelle/The Closer controversy. Also, yup, Alex Jones is going broke, and he’s the opposite of woke.

Speaking of projections, yep, that subject came up, too:

The midterms should be fun for all, to say the very least.