Are you interested in dyeing your fabrics for upholstery at home? The dyeing process is also applicable for the fabrics of your apparel like pants and shirts. If you are now aware, it is a technique used a few centuries ago in order to add more colors and make the fabrics more appealing.

There are two methods of dyeing a fabric for upholstery namely the natural and the direct. The former requires the use of natural coloring agents such as resins and water to create beautiful art. while the latter would not need any affixing agent. After knowing what dyeing is and the methods associated with it, you can now try to do it yourself. However, it might be daunting especially if you are not aware of the types of fabrics that best work with dyes. To give you an idea, we have listed the best fabrics to consider when wanting to enhance a garment or decorative accent using the dyeing process.

  1. Cotton

Cotton is one of the most preferred fabrics in the world because of its soft and comfortable texture as well as its properties that make it low maintenance. When you subject cotton fibers to water, you would realize that they can easily and quickly absorb and release moisture. It is proof that cotton has an absorbent quality making it an ideal fabric to dye. For best results, make sure to use cold water fiber reactive dyes, direct dyes, or all-purpose dyes. 

  1. Wool

Wool fabrics made from the hair of a sheep are capable of absorbing a maximum of 30% of its weight whenever submerged in water. People in the fashion industry are aware that wool is the most absorbent in all the fabrics available in the market today. In terms of breathability, it is comparable to cotton which is why it is an ideal fabric to use during cold and winter seasons. When you dye wool fabrics, the color can easily and permanently penetrate the clothes or furniture items. You have the freedom to choose whatever type of colors and dye materials are made possible by the great features of wool.

  1. Linen

Linen is another type of fabric that boasts a smooth texture, durable properties, and a luxurious look. It is created using the strongest vegetable fibers that are even durable than cotton fabrics. The natural fibers of linen are extracted from the flax plant. Aside from being a good conductor of heat, linen is a great fabric to subject in the dyeing process because it has an exceptional absorbent property.

  1. Silk

Silk is undoubtedly the most luxurious type of fabric which is why it is often preferred by homeowners who want to create an elegant living space. Aside from that, it is also the most viable option if you want to create sophisticated attire. It has a shimmering effect making it attractive, eye-catching, and versatile. It is made from insects including caterpillars. Besides the aesthetic appeal of silk, it is also highly durable with great absorbent property which makes it an ideal fabric to dye especially when using deep colors. 

Tips and tricks when dyeing fabrics

If you are planning to create your own shade of dye, you may add a small amount of the dye first on a measuring cup. Then, mix it with hot water and try putting the result in a paper towel. Once you find the hue attractive, you can then add a large amount of dye and repeat the process. In this way, you can easily figure out whether the resulting shade is right for you or not without wasting dye. After dyeing the fabrics, make sure to wash each of them in separate bins to prevent bleeding from happening which can ruin the shade. If washing them repeatedly results in fading colors, you may opt to repeat the process.

In a Nutshell

Cotton, Wool, Linen, and silk are some of the best fabrics to dye because of their great features and properties. So before dyeing any of your upholstered items, make sure what fabrics they are made of and decide whether or not dyeing them is the right decision. You must apply the tips and tricks mentioned above to achieve the best results!