Reflections on Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy (Part 1)

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

This 7 days I am attending a 4 1/2 working day robotics workshop at Carnegie Mellon College, mastering how to educate middle college robotics with the “Lego Spike Prime” robot platform. This is primarily based on the Scratch programming language from MIT, which I adore and have been making use of for around 10 several years. In this podcast reflection (from my &#8220Class with Dr. Fryer&#8221 channel on Anchor) I share some of the matters I have discovered from the to start with two times of the workshop, as effectively as some of the remarkable DARPA robotic projects, prototypes, and other robotics tasks housed in the National Robotics Engineering Centre, at CMU, exactly where this workshop is staying held. Check out the shownotes (under) for back links to my Google Doc of notes and other associated methods!


  1. CMU Lego Spike Key Robotics Notes &#8211 June 2022 by @wfryer
  2. CMU Robotics Curriculum Homepage
  3. Lego Spike Prime Robot Kit
  4. Voices of DARPA Podcast
  5. My Flickr Album of photos: Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy
  6. My &#8220Class with Dr. Fryer&#8221 channel on Anchor

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

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