Detective work in theoretical physics
Time axis showing the amount of publications relating to dynamical density practical idea. Credit rating: M. te Vrugt et al.

Scientific article content in the area of physics are mostly extremely brief and offer with a pretty limited subject matter. A exceptional exception to this is an short article released lately by physicists from the Universities of Münster and Düsseldorf. The report is 127 pages extensive, cites a full of 1075 resources and promotions with a vast range of branches of physics—from biophysics to quantum mechanics.

The post is a so-termed evaluate write-up and was published by physicists Michael te Vrugt and Prof. Raphael Wittkowski from the Institute of Theoretical Physics and the Center for Gentle Nanoscience at the College of Münster, with each other with Prof. Hartmut Löwen from the Institute for Theoretical Physics II at the College of Düsseldorf. The aim of such evaluation articles or blog posts is to present an introduction to a certain subject location and to summarize and consider the existing point out of study in this space for the advantage of other scientists. “In our situation we offer with a concept utilized in very several areas—the so-referred to as dynamical density useful idea (DDFT),” points out previous writer Raphael Wittkowski. “Due to the fact we deal with all areas of the matter, the report turned out to be pretty lengthy and extensive-ranging.”

DDFT is a strategy for describing units consisting of a substantial variety of interacting particles such as are observed in liquids, for instance. Knowing these techniques is crucial in quite a few fields of research these kinds of as chemistry, stable state physics or biophysics. This in turn prospects to a big range of apps for DDFT, for instance in materials science and biology. “DDFT and relevant procedures have been developed and used by a variety of scientists in a variety of contexts,” claims lead author Michael te Vrugt. “We investigated which strategies there are and how they are connected—and for this intent we needed to do a whole lot of work performing as historians and detectives,” he provides.

The article has been printed in the journal Advancements in Physics, which has an impression issue of 30.91—making it the most vital journal in the field of condensed issue physics. It only publishes 4 to six content per calendar year. The to start with article on DDFT, published by Robert Evans, was also released in Developments in Physics, in 1979. “This can make it especially gratifying that our critique has also been printed in this journal,” states secondary author Hartmut Löwen. “It deals with all the important theoretical features and fields of application of DDFT and will probably develop into a normal get the job done in our discipline of investigate.”

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Michael te Vrugt et al, Classical dynamical density functional theory: from fundamentals to applications, Innovations in Physics (2020). DOI: 10.1080/00018732.2020.1854965
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College of Münster

Scientists publish review article on the physics of interacting particles (2020, December 29)
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