Since I’ve been busy setting my own goals for spring term, I thought I’d share the process in an article for my readers.

Each year, Mom sits down with each of us and goes over the plan of what we’ve accomplished for the year and where we have to go over the next year. It’s a goal planning session, and we often do it in conference style where we each offer input and suggestions, identifying what we feel are problem areas and detailing our personal desires and goals. Projects and assignments for the next year are lined out based on what we determine our goals to be in that session.

Long term goals

Our long term goals don’t often change, unless we add something to them. Ultimately, our goal is to graduate with skills and abilities that promote successful lives with continuing educational goals that allow us to grow and perform well in life.

Short term goals

These goals change frequently as we achieve them and set new ones. When we schedule our classes and interests for each year, we determine which short term goals we’ll be working toward, and how they apply to our long term goals. Where applicable, we include specific classes and events as goals.

Scheduled steps of achievement

Each year, we add in scheduled steps of achievement and specific goals that must be met. While our steps may change and adjust as to our daily schedules, the ultimate purpose of these goals is to reach our long term goals. As long as we’re on target for those goals, we don’t have to worry too much or get too detailed about how each step is achieved.

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