Taking care of your vehicle: 9 diesel engine maintenance tips | AZ Big Media

Population and enthusiasts of engines diesel continues to grow in recent years. Currently, diesel engines carry modern technology with a more efficient combustion system, such as common rail direct injection technology. You can buy engine parts here tracktechfasteners.com

But of course, diesel car owners also need to pay attention to their car so that it remains durable and comfortable to use in different terrain conditions. Careful maintenance must be carried out so that the performance of the diesel engine remains optimal at all times. Well, here are tips for caring for a diesel engine that is easy and can be done yourself.

To extend the service life of your car’s diesel engine, you should warm up the engine for about 10 minutes before driving. The purpose of doing the heating is to provide uniform lubrication in all parts of the engine. Maximum heating of diesel engines, can also avoid shock to engine components that rub against each other.

Use quality diesel Quality diesel, such as Pertamina DEX or Shell diesel, contains low sulfur content. The effect of using this type of diesel will avoid blockages in the common rail injector pipeline. This quality diesel can also increase the performance of diesel engines by up to 5 percent, accompanied by a reduction in emission levels of up to 5 percent. Remember, poor quality diesel with high sulfur content can stop your diesel engine.

Use quality oil. For the diesel engine you are using, it is recommended that you use the type of oil that has been recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle you are using. But if it is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer to use a type of diesel oil with a viscosity of 5-30, then it is claimed that the oil can reduce the performance of your diesel engine.

To minimize diesel impurities that enter your diesel engine, you should replace the diesel filter every 30 thousand kilometers. By replacing the diesel filter regularly, you will also avoid fatal damage to your diesel engine. Avoid empty diesel tanks We recommend that you keep your diesel tank not empty to prevent condensation that can damage the diesel filter. Do not immediately turn off the diesel car engine. To extend the life of your diesel engine, you should let the engine run for up to 8 minutes, then turn off the engine. By turning off the engine directly means not providing cooling time to engine components that expand during travel.