The universe started out with a Massive Bang. Everything that was ever going to be something was compacted into a small ball of whichever-ness and then it exploded outward and the universe commence increasing.

At least, that’s a single way of on the lookout at it. But emergent new theories and ages-outdated philosophical assertions are starting to obtain a foothold in chopping-edge quantum physics study. And it’s commencing to seem extra and extra like we may possibly truly be the heart of the universe after all.

That is not to say Earth or the Milky Way is at the geographical heart of the universe. It’d be arrogant to make such a literal assumption.

I’m expressing human beings are the figurative center of the universe. Simply because, theoretically, we’re gods.

Developing actuality

This is a two-parter. To start with we require to create that the universe is aware. It may possibly not be, but for the sake of argument let us say we concur with the expanding variety of researchers who support the principle

Here’s a quote I observed in Brain Issues Information that points out it properly. It is from Georgia Tech’s Tim Andersen, a quantum physics researcher:

The vital to comprehension Will is in inspecting our personal sense of consciousness. We have, in a feeling, two concentrations of consciousness. The very first is of experience. We experience a flower’s color and odor. As a result, we are aware of it. The second is that we are mindful of our consciousness of it. That is a meta-consciousness which we sometimes get in touch with reflection. I mirror on my consciousness of the flower.

Andersen’s referring to “Will” as an fundamental power in the universe that is analogous to consciousness.

The gist is that all the things is capable of experience. If you kick a rock it experiences drive, velocity, and gravity. It simply cannot replicate on these activities and, therefore, the rock alone is able of switching practically nothing on its very own.

It is acutely aware for the reason that it exists. And, mainly because it sort of doesn’t exist. It is not essentially a rock, but a bunch of molecules smashed collectively. And all those are not molecules, actually. They’re particles smashed jointly. And so on and so forth.

At some point you get to regardless of what the quantum version of bedrock is, and the total universe is just an infinite amount of money of very a lot the similar things it was the correct instant ahead of the Significant Bang transpired.

When a rock is not a rock

So our rock is a rock, but it is also not a rock mainly because we can evidently see it is just regular universe material if we seem shut ample. A tree, a rock, a Volvo, an AI reporter named Tristan: there is not a great deal difference concerning these “things” in the quantum realm.

It’s form of like Minecraft. No make any difference what you build it is all just ones and zeros on a computer system chip.

Here’s the place things get awesome. The rock, for no matter what explanation, does not surface to knowledge secondary consciousness. As Andersen points out it, the rock cannot reflect on its knowledge.

But people can. Not only can we expertise, for case in point, falling, but we can also replicate on that knowledge and build change based mostly on that reflection.

What’s even far more appealing, cosmically talking, is that we can internalize the activities of other individuals and use those to advise our final decision-generating. We’re able of reflecting on the reflections of other folks.

This implies that human free of charge will is the sole regarded entity in the universe able of eliciting adjust based mostly on aware reflection. 

The rock can by no means choose not to slide, but people can. We can even select to fly alternatively.

A publish-human universe

The final result of our existence is that the universe’s overall trajectory is, probably, transformed. No matter what the particles in the universe have been going to do just before humanity emerged, their training course has been altered.

Who is aware of what improvements we’ve wrought upon the cosmos. We have only been all around for a several million many years and our earth currently appears to be like a frat home immediately after a kegger.

What will the galaxy glimpse like when we can vacation to its edges in a make a difference of months or weeks? What comes about when we can traverse the universe?

It’s possible there’s an smart creator there someplace chuckling suitable now. Or most likely the universe’s ‘plan’ constantly provided the inception and evolution of human beings.

But the evidence, of which there is admittedly pretty little, suggests if not.

Quantum physics would make a strong argument for common consciousness and, if that is the case, it’s challenging to determine the human working experience without separating everything able of “reflection” from all those things only capable of “experience.”

If it turns out we’re the only entities capable of producing a secondary truth out of the common consciousness, nicely, that would be some thing.

I’m not expressing you are the God, I’m simply just pointing out that you’re the only factor in the whole universe that we can clearly show proof for having totally free will and the potential to replicate on its encounters.

Most likely our capability to mirror on consciousness by itself is what makes it possible for experiential truth to manifest. We believe, consequently every thing is.

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