More and more ESL students are now learning English online. There are many online schools and platforms that connect students from all over the world with English tutors. If you’re planning on taking online English lessons, now is the time to do so.

Study anytime, anywhere

To start, learning English online gives you freedom in terms of time and location. You can have an online English class in the evening after a busy day in school or at work or sign up for weekend lessons. Time is very flexible. It’s always up to you. Though many are signing up for evening classes, there are also available tutors during the day to help you.

The best part is you can use any device you have including your phone. Many lessons are done through Skype, Zoom, Messenger, WeChat and more. However, it’s imperative that you have an excellent internet connection. Many tutors would ask you to come online a few minutes before class to ensure you’re internet is working fine. If you’re really serious about learning English online, it’s a must that you also invest on quality headset and external microphone.

Though you can literally take online English lessons anywhere, you have to make sure you stay in a quiet place during lessons. You want to hear what your tutor is saying and not be distracted by the noise of the TV or music playing in the background. If possible, stay in your room where you can have all the peace and quiet you need to concentrate on your lesson.

Learn with experts

Not anybody can teach English online that’s why many platforms are only hiring certified and experienced teachers like ESL Hub which only connects students with real-life teachers who are passionate about teaching. Online English tutors are equipped with the knowledge and skills as well as the expertise in conducting lessons online using technology. Most importantly, they are professionals who will guide you every step of the way.

Affordable one-on-one lessons

Online English lessons are very affordable. Students have an option to enroll in as many classes as they want. Many online tutors offer hourly lessons and they can be done anytime of the week and as many hours as you want. This beats going to language schools where you have to sit for an hour or so with other students. With online tutoring, you’re guaranteed of one-on-one lessons. You have your tutor’s undivided attention too!

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