PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Deciding where to go to college can be a difficult process. And the pandemic has complicated matters because many schools aren’t open for in-person tours. But one website does one-on-one remote tours for prospective students.

The student tour guides on typically answer questions such as, “Is there a dorm to avoid?” or “What’s the best place to grab a bite on campus?” as well as “What’s my major really like?” The company hires student guides to tailor tours specifically to a potential student’s needs.

Co-founder Seth Kugel said they “give prospective applicants a chance to really talk sincerely and openly with an undergraduate and get the real scoop on what’s going on campus, not filtered through whatever marketing the admissions office does.”

Kugel came up with the idea when the pandemic closed campuses, but he believes the desire for a convenient deep dive into the realities on campus will continue even when college life returns to normal.

He listed some of the groups who can make use of the service. “People who live too far away. International applicants, low-income students, first generation who maybe aren’t too familiar with the whole college process anyway and can’t afford to visit campus,” he said.

But not every college or university likes the idea.

“We have 175 schools on our site. We have about 20 to 25 who have written to us in one way or another and said you shouldn’t be doing this or you can’t be doing this or we’re going to take you to court,” Kugel shared. “But we think that the schools are really just scared that they’re not able to control the message.”

More information can be found on their website.

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