Calistoga Rotary Exchange Student

Calistoga Rotary Exchange Student Olivia Morgan, far right, and mom Lisa Morgan (next to her) with Olivia’s host family in Finland in 2019. 

Calistoga Rotary Club exchange student Olivia Morgan spent the 2009 school year in Finland. Ten years later, she and her mom, Lisa, took a 10-year anniversary trip to visit Olivia’s host family in Finland in 2019.

Lisa reports that Olivia now lives in Oakland, and she has taken up baking as a trade. She bakes artisan bread in big wood-fired ovens at an establishment in Oakland called Firebrand.

Rotarians remember the wonderful letters to the club that Olivia wrote while in Finland. She is a gifted writer, and it’s still a passion, her mother reported. 

As part of the Rotary’s robust student exchange program, Lisa Morgan also served as a gracious Calistoga Rotary host mom for three incoming Rotary Exchange students including Ariane Dufrane from Belgium, in 2009; Sophie Szathmary from Hungary in 2010; and Margot Eyraud from France in 2012. 

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