Pros and Cons of Getting IPTV Subscription - 2022 Guide - Times Lifestyle

Because the technology used in IPTV is very recent and modern, it is still being developed, so we can mention both advantages and disadvantages of it.

To know even more about this technology, we are going to mention several points for and against that IPTV has. This will serve for the moment in which you must subscribe to a service.

Positive points of IPTV

Among the most outstanding advantages is the ability to choose exactly what you want to see. Whether it’s a specific series, movie or song, you’ll be able to personalize your TV!

An IPTV service not only offers the full range of traditional channels that you already know, but also adds a whole list of new channels that you can’t find in another online TV service.

In other words, it has a much more abundant range of channels and, in an unbeatable way, providing superior definition quality. Because it incorporates an exclusive bandwidth for this purpose, the images seen on TV have a resolution that surprises those who did not know how IPTV worked.

This makes the image quality of IPTV much higher than the images that traditional cable or satellite television services have accustomed us to.

If that doesn’t seem like much to you, IPTV also has a function that allows you to save the content that the user indicates so that they can see it at any other time. All of this, of course, can be done with the remote control from the comfort of the sofa!

Additionally, it is possible to download and use any IPTV app with which you can have complete control of everything from a mobile phone, through which you can, among many other things, block an inappropriate channel or search for the content that suits you. our interest.

These are just some of the advantages offered by this new way of watching TV and which is becoming more widespread as new providers emerge.

Negative points of IPTV

Although it has many advantages that enhance the TV viewing experience, IPTV technology also has some negative points that are worth mentioning.

One of the disadvantages of IPTV is that it needs a high-speed broadband connection in order to work. With which, in addition to contracting the IPTV service, we will also have to contract a broadband provider, which makes the amount to be spent higher.

Another negative aspect that can be somewhat annoying for some people is that advertisements may appear while the content is being broadcast.

However, it will not be any type of advertising either: all the ads will be based on and oriented to the user’s interests, so you will see more personalized advertising that is closer to the tastes of those who are watching TV. But despite this, it can be a disadvantage for people who are not interested in seeing any type of advertising while they are in front of the television.

Lastly, some people might see it as another drawback to have a few conditions in place to get this technology up and running. Actually, there are not too many of these requirements, although it can be a bit complicated to have each of them.

What is needed to have IPTV at home

– Be subscribed to an appropriate bandwidth plan.

– A signal-to-noise ratio that is above 13dB.

– An attenuation that is below 40dB.

It is clear that this technology is just seeing the light and spreading, so it is understandable to encounter these obstacles if we want to be among the first to incorporate the benefits of this technology into our entertainment. In any case, do not be discouraged, since technology is still advanced and surely in a few years this will be the most used way to watch TV in the world.