On this level 72 hour of training is required which may stretch over 18-21 days depending on which Muay Thai training camp you are attending. The camp can be attended by men and women over the age of 25. However, in order to join the trainer certification, course an individual should have participated in at least 5 professional Muay Thai fights. Individuals without such experience will not qualify for the trainer certification course. Only healthy individuals are allowed on the trainer certification course and they will be required to present their Muay Thai fight profiles including all relevant documents and other supporting media such as photo’s, DVD’s all of which must be presented when registering. An applicant will also have to demonstrate their Muay Thai skills to the course masters who will then decide the Muay Thai levels in which the person can participate. This is a highly intensive study program which has to be completed at an accredited Muay Thai training camp in order for the certificate to be recognized within the Muay Thai community.

Course objectives 

Students should over the duration of the course be able to gain intimate knowledge regarding the unique Muay Thai customs and cultures. They should also at all times exhibit the correct attitudes in order to honor the ancient Muay Thai traditions. Throughout the course they should continue to gain knowledge relating to the psychology and philosophy needed to train others. Students must master all of the teaching procedures and techniques and must demonstrate adequate skills as far as class management is concerned. All of these essential skills have to be mastered in 72 hours which is mostly completed in 18 days although at some training camps the course stretches over 21 days. Students will train for six days per week with one rest day. Student will train twice a day and training sessions will be two hours long. At most Muay Thai schools training will be between 07h00-09h00 and again between 15h00-17h00.


Once you have completed you your Muay Thai instructor education and all relevant lessons has been completed in a satisfactory manner an appointment will be made with the masters so that the skills of the student can be professionally examined. This mostly happens between 14h00-17h00 on the appointed days. Trainees have to be extremely fit in order to pass this rigorous training course which will also provide intimate education about the centuries old Muay Thai culture which is necessary in order to ensure that new trainees will be able to instill the correct attitude in those who will pass through their hands. For thousands the instructor certificate from Muaythai-thailand is a badge of honor which is treasured for as long as the trainer lives. It is important to attend a fully accredited Muay Thai training camp preferably in Thailand although accredited schools are now available in many other places on the planet. There is an increasing demand for certified Muay Thai trainers especially now that the weight loss benefits of Muay Thai is becoming better known.