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SharePoint is a tool that allows you to easily create a digital repository of all your project files in the cloud for sharing and collaboration. You can use it for any kind of content, even for a project in which you want to separate content by teams or individuals.

First, let’s see what SharePoint is and how it works.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web-based application that allows you to manage and share information. It is an enterprise solution for managing and sharing content in an organization. SharePoint can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Collaboration and document management
  • Enterprise search
  • Business intelligence
  • Social networking
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • File sharing
  • Content publishing

Why SharePoint?

The primary reason for using SharePoint is to collaborate with your team members and customers. You can use SharePoint to create sites and subsites to store files, documents, and other items.

In brief, SharePoint provides you with the ability to share information with others.

Benefits of SharePoint

There are several benefits to using SharePoint. Some of the most common include:

SharePoint is highly customizable so that you can tailor it to your organization’s needs. It is a great tool for collaboration because it allows people to work together from any location. SharePoint is used by many other software and tools as a repository and can be integrated with these products. SharePoint is very powerful and flexible.


SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. In addition to allowing you to access SharePoint data in Office applications, SharePoint provides an application programming interface (API) that enables third-party developers to create their own applications that use SharePoint. The following sections provide more information about using the various parts of the SharePoint object model. About the SharePoint Object Model, The SharePoint object model provides a framework for developing applications that interact with SharePoint.

Easy to use

SharePoint is easy to use. There are many ways to create and manage content, and it is very user friendly. Equally important is that you can easily find out how your content is being used. But SharePoint is not a content management system. It is a collaboration platform. So if you want to be able to manage the content you create, you need to do so in a different way.


SharePoint is intuitive. It’s very easy to get started. But, as you grow and add features, the complexity increases. You end up spending more time on configuration than you would if you were using a different solution. The best way to avoid this is to be sure that you hire a Microsoft development firm with a team that knows their stuff. 


SharePoint is self-service. Users can create their own pages and upload content without having to contact a support representative. But you can take advantage of the SharePoint user interface to make your site, even more, user friendly. The following techniques are based on SharePoint 2010, but they’ll work for earlier versions of the product as well. Use the User Interface One of the best ways to make your site easier to use is to take advantage of the SharePoint user interface. The User Interface includes a number of features that can help you: Add new pages to your site. The other option is that you hire a SharePoint development company.

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SharePoint is mobile. You can access SharePoint from any device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This makes it easy for you to get work done wherever you are. If you’re on the go, you can access your SharePoint site, edit documents, and perform other SharePoint tasks from a smartphone or tablet. You can also use Office 365 apps on your mobile device. These apps are pre-installed on all smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android 4.3 and higher.

Final Words:

SharePoint has made document organizing and data management very easy. We have described some of the benefits and uses of this online platform, out of many that are not been described here. We advise you to get the best data management experience on this online platform hire a SharePoint development company.