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Job recruitment is never easy both for employers and employees. For employers, they have to undergo a lot of factors to be able to find a potential talent. Someone that can fit the position needed in their company. When employers recruit candidates. They have to partner with recruitment agencies or other platforms. In this way it can aid them in looking for a person to hire. Let’s discuss job recruitment myths and facts

Let’s Have a Look at the Truth About Recruitment:

They aid companies in getting the right candidate

Employers sometimes had not enough time to look for potential applicants. To make their search easier, they would pass the responsibility to a recruitment company. The recruitment company, ,thus, does the job by making ads for the company and posting them on relative sites where they can get applicants.

They provide services with minimal cost

Recruitment agencies or platforms charge employers for free or with minimal amounts. Oftentimes, they start with a free service for them to also advertise their service. When their clients see results in it, they would  pay for paid ads or recruitment services.

Recruitment can be directly done by the hiring company

Companies can directly make their job recruitment process. The Head of the companies usually brainstorms to be able to come up with a good strategy to hire people. Companies who have talented Human resource personnel would be able to come up with an idea on how to attract candidates to apply for their job openings.

Basic Factors to Consider in the Recruitment Process:

  1. Specific job descriptions will be helpful.

 Giving the basic requirements and skills would invite more applicants.

  1. Transparency on wages

Being transparent on how much an employee could earn on the job they are applying for can motivate them to push thru with their applications.

3. Giving time frame for the hiring process  

Setting a time frame on how long the recruitment period could encourage more applicants to apply. Job seekers often need an immediate job by knowing how long the application process is. They could commit themselves to apply for the job. This could save both their time and the employers as well.

4. Recruitment agencies have bigger access to candidates

Pooling people to essential jobs is their main focus. Recruitment agencies or platforms have broader audiences and markets. That’s why they could get potential candidates for a certain job.

Now let’s take a look at the Myths on Job Recruitment

  1. They get big cuts

People often think that recruitment agencies or platforms get a lot from doing their services. They just get enough. It’s normal to be getting a commission or pay once you get your job done. Once recruitment is successful then the employer gives the compensation to the recruiter. 

  1. Recruitment is just for man pooling

They may be offering a wide variety of job hiring but they don’t do it for man pooling. Each job offered comes from a company that really needs employees. They are not in control of how many applicants have applied for the position. Their only job is to connect employers to potential employees.

  1. Recruitment agencies negotiate with salaries

If applicants have the qualifications and skills that the company needs then the salary presented will be as is. The employer decides on the compensation  and not the recruiters. Except in the situation where recruiters and employers are one.

  1. Artificial intelligence will soon replace recruiters

Technology has indeed been overpowering people’s jobs. But we cannot deny the fact that communication is still the key to understanding what people want. Technology may help in lessening people’s tasks.  But let’s accept the fact that  it can never replace other things that only humans can do.

With the presentation of the truth about recruitment and job recruitment myths, it will perhaps open up employers and future employees to the importance of the recruitment process. Without undergoing recruitment, potential applicants will not be able to find the jobs that will perfectly fit them. On the employer’s side, they will not be able to have an easier way to get their target candidates. Recruitment agencies and platforms are beneficial to both employers and applicants after all. So it will be wise to use recruitment platforms or partner with recruitment agencies.