An artist's conception of ancient steppe mammoths, which preceded the woolly mammoth. The DNA was obtained from a tooth of a steppe mammoth.
  • “This DNA is very outdated. The samples are a thousand times more mature than Viking stays.”
  • The mammoth was not actually a woolly mammoth: Around one million years ago there have been no woolly mammoths.
  • The new effects also open the doorway for upcoming scientific studies on other species, scientists say.

The world’s oldest DNA has been identified, experts declared in a new analyze posted Wednesday. 

The DNA, which is additional than 1 million yrs old, was recovered from two specimens of steppe mammoth, a predecessor to the more very well-acknowledged woolly mammoth. The oldest beforehand sequenced DNA experienced dated from 780,000 to 560,000 a long time ago, the analyze mentioned

“This DNA is exceptionally aged. The samples are a thousand instances more mature than Viking stays, and even predate the existence of humans and Neanderthals,” analyze guide creator Appreciate Dalén, a professor of evolutionary genetics at the Centre for Palaeogenetics in Stockholm, said in a news release.

The DNA came from the molars of mammoth specimens from the Early and Center Pleistocene subepochs from northeast Siberia. The tooth had been buried for more than 1 million several years in the Siberian permafrost.