Dating is part of college life and we need to admit that it is hard especially if you do not have a car. Most college students want something that they can be proud of like dating a girl/guy who has his/her own a car. Do not worry and feel sorry about yourself because you do not have a car to use on your date. Just be creative to think of ideas. Read the following tips to help you:

Take advantage of different transportation around you.
Try to ask your date about the most interesting transportation he/she wants to ride. It can be a horse, bicycle or old school car. Just make sure to find ways on how you can both ride on that transportation to your date destination. Make your own fairytale story.

Walk together.
Set a date near both of your places so that you do not need to ride. All you need to do is walk. This is great chance to know him/her better. It is also a good strategy to find ways on how you can tickle her/his heart.

Borrow a Car.
If you want to impress him/her by showing some effort to find ways on how you can get a car to use, you can ask family members or friends to borrow their car if they have. In exchange of borrowing their car, you can give your service, pay some amount or be kind enough to fill the gas.

Rent a Car.
There are many available renting cars around the corner. Take time to research for the most affordable and can give you good deals. Remember not to choose a car because it looks good in the eyes, always choose car that makes you feel comfortable to drive.

Use your Date’s Car
It is already 21century no problem if you will go out in a date using his/her car. Just make sure that you will pay for the food you will eat. Besides, you’re the one who ask to go out together.

When it comes to dating, never think that you cannot go out with someone because you do not have any car to use. Remember that no bridges can put a barrier, if you’re really willing to spend time to someone very specially to you.

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